Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We have our little boy!!

Last picture before we head to St. Lucy Orphanage! We pulled up and the very first face we saw through the taxi window was Zachary! He was playing outside and we knew it was him right away! What a feeling - I just can't describe seeing him for the first time. We were told ahead of time that he would be shy. Well, let's just say terrified seems like a better word. He cried and cried when we would try to get near him and clung to his nannies. I was not at all discouraged by this because the longer we were there the more we saw how INCREDIBLY loved and adored he has been by these beautiful women for the last 2 years. This is a gift we could never know how to thank them for. He is extremely attached to his nannies and they said he knew he was leaving them that day and was very sad. I am thankful for every tear he cried (and is still crying) because I know the significance of the great love he has for his nannies. This is no ordinary orphanage, that was very clear!

We kept our distance at first because the closer we got the more he cried! He was the oldest child at St. Lucy. We found out there are only around 30 children there, most of them babies.

We watched the nannies say good-bye to him and try to encourage him that we were his mommy and daddy but he would not have it. We totally understand that it is okay that he didn't come running into our arms, he will grieve for these women he loves so much. They are part of my heart now as well. I just can't say enough about them.

Rosa and Spring Peach trying to tell Zachary that we are the people in the photo album (we had sent him for Christmas) and we are here to take him home. (He also got his beloved pacifier to help calm him down - they gave us 3 extras and also one he had chewed a hole in as a "memory" for us).

Justin finally took him and he calmed down after we went for a walk (they said he needed to move away from the orphanage because he wouldn't stop crying for his nannies if he could see them). I laughed later that his shirt we brought for him says "Mom's #1 Fan" and I am not his favorite person quite yet! =)

first picture with the 4 of us - just need 3 more little ones to make it complete!

Spring Peach had a special gift for him. Justin had to stay outside and walk the street with him so he wouldn't scream for his nannies so I went in and learned about his schedule and received some precious gifts for him. I was told so many things about him that I never would have dreamed I'd ever get to find out. The biggest news (and most shocking!) is that he has a biological sister! We were so confused and wondered how this was possible since he was abandoned. They said a baby girl, one year younger than him, was found at the same location and she looked so much like him a DNA test was done and they found they they are biological siblings! His sister was adopted by another family in America and they want to contact us!! How crazy is this!!!!

This nanny made a beautiful scrapbook for Zachary as well as a handmade scarf. She had the hardest time saying good-bye to him. She said he was her favorite and she loved him so much. She and I hugged and cried and I thanked her over and over.

Another emotional good-bye

One last good-bye as we were loading into the taxi. Many tears...we promised to send pictures as often as we can. I just can't describe how wonderful these women are. Our son has been VERY loved.

We passed his "finding spot" as we left - it was only a few blocks from St. Lucy and we didn't even know that when we were there the other day.

At the train station. He was very calm when Grace or Justin held him. At this point I hadn't gotten to hold him yet because he would cry when I even looked at him. I am thankful he is peaceful and comfortable with them.

We were quite a sight walking at to the train with all of our luggage. Justin had Zac is one arm and pulled 3 suitcases stacked on top of each other with the other. I was the funniest looking with a backpack, briefcase, duffelbag, purse and camera around my neck! =)

Precious boy

He's still not so sure about that lady with the camera (aka mom)

I FINALLY got to hold him at the hotel!!!! It was brief but so wonderful.

LOVE this - oh my heart could burst. She is his comfort right now - thank you God for Gracie.

He is so tired - what a day. Still hasn't left her side.

Now we are settled into our hotel in Taipei and will go to our AIT (American Institute in Taiwan) appointment in the morning. It has been a day I will never forget. A day I have dreamed about and prayed about. I know I will get my cuddle time with my new baby boy but for now I am rejoicing, thanking God, and pondering all this in my heart (thanks Erica) for this gift. If Zachary being scared of us and grieving his beloved nannies means that he has been loved and adored - I am nothing but grateful for God's loving Hand on this boy. Thank you for praying - please keep it up!!


  1. What a gift! What an unbelievable day! What a picture of Christ's love and sacrifice! Zachary is adorable! What a faithful Lord! Tears of Joy and Much Love to all of you!!! - Paula

    Can't wait so show the kids your blog - they have been praying for you and asking about you a lot!

  2. Awww...he'll come around. He's just grieving right now. What sweet pictures. I'm so glad you have your daughter there to share this experience. I agree, the nannies at SLC and the orphanage are all amazing. Hope your AIT appointment goes smoothly in the morning!

    Praying for you!!


  3. So amazing to see your son in your arms! What a day ... I know one you will never forget! Love seeing God's hand all over your sweet boy's life before he was in his mommy and daddy's arms. What a blessing his nannies were and all the information I am sure was such a gift ... and a sister ... wow! Praying for the rest of your journey! Can't wait to meet your sweet boy! He is sooooooo cute!

  4. we are SOOO happy for you guys! thanks so much for sharing the details so clearly with us ... i love that about you (even if you are the crazy camera lady!) sam had a couple of comments this morning when we were looking at the pictures:

    1. can i go to zac's house to play football with him?
    2. you and jaymi will yell, "go zac and sam when we make a touchdown! we will make a great team!"

    i think zac's already got a new buddy in sioux falls. =)

    love you all!!


  5. Jaymi & Justin -
    Congratulations; he is just beautiful and we are thrilled for all of you. :) When we picked up Jett in Guatemala, his response to us was nearly identical to Zac's. For the first 24 hours, I repeatedly thanked God that He had moved us to take Ty along; not only did they bond immediately, but as Jett's trust in Ty grew, he saw Ty's relationship with us and began to let himself trust us (mom!) too. We are praying for you all, and specifically for Zac in this season of grief. Poor little peanut... asking God to mend his broken heart.

    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Heather, Joe, & family

  6. Jack really enjoyed your post photos. He saw many paralelles to his story we have in his lifebook upstairs. I am pretty sure he thinks this is how all kids join their families.:) When I said that Joah's brother gets to come home with his mommy and daddy and fly in an airplane over the ocean, he put both hands in the air and said. "YEA!!!" He totally has the right word. "YEA!!!"
    So bittersweet, such heartache and blessing. There is no other feeling like it. I know it seems like so much to process, but not to worry, that is all for later.. the only thing you need to do is enjoy your son. Still praying! :)

  7. Congratulations! He is a beautiful little boy. I understand how incredibly hard this is that he doesn't want you to touch him. I can say it's honestly not really 'you' he doesn't want. I would guess since you're female, he doesn't want you to touch him because his nannies were female and only they can hug him and comfort and love him. He's probably scared of you because the last female person he loved, in his eyes, gave him away to strangers. I know how hard that is, and I know it's hurting you. Be just let him set the pace to trusting you. If he wants your husband or daughter, just sit back and let him do what he needs to do. Everyday he'll start to trust you, maybe by sneaking you a look from under your husbands neck, or around your daughter back. he needs to learnt hat you aren't going to leave him, and that might just take awhile.
    So just be patient and know that one day not too far off he will run to you and hug you and call you mama. You just have to be patient.

  8. my heart is feeling for you! so tough to see your little one's heart hurting. praying for a good day of bonding!

  9. So precious! Congratulations, you guys! Many blessings as you and Zachary transition!

  10. I'm sure many of us are sharing tears with you here. Bittersweet days...so hard to make this transition - lots of prayers for you!!

  11. What an amazing day. I just love the picture of Grace and him in bed together. She is such a great big sister and will have these memories forever. It's so great for her to see this and the lessons she is learning about the love of a family. I am praying for you.

  12. You have your precious boy!! He is no longer an orphan but now knows the love of a family. I cried tears of joy for you guys. What a precious gift, God is so faithful!
    Praying for Zach's transition and attachment process. Love you guys!