Sunday, February 12, 2012


We arrived in Tainan today!

The picture on the left is the spot where Zachary was found on Oct. 24, 2009.
The tall building is our hotel, the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and it is beautiful! Many other families who have adopted from St. Lucy's recommended it and I can see why!

Above is actually the first hotel we stayed in when we arrived. Gracie got a little homework done while I blogged this morning! Also above is the high speed train we took to Tainan. We are so impressed with the people here. They have been so helpful and kind and so many speak English. After arriving in Tainan, we checked into our hotel and got something to eat and then decided to head to Zachary's "finding spot", where he was abandoned. We had an address so our taxi driver dropped us off by a grassy area next to an apartment building. All we know is that we was found under one of the trees, wrapped in a beige blanket and he was a few days old because his umbilical cord had not fallen off yet. It was so strange to see where he was found. We believe the Lord remembered him there and that is why we chose the name "Zachary" because it means "The Lord remembers".

We walked back to the hotel and enjoyed watching all the people. So many scooters!! Everyone is flying around on a scooter. Tomorrow we hope to do some sight-seeing and then we will get to meet Zachary on the 14th!


  1. It was so fun to wake up and find another post from you!!! Enjoy every moment of your trip!

  2. Thanks for the updates! Praying for you all! This picture of you and Grace walking is such a beautiful mother/daughter moment that was captured :)

  3. Hope you can soak in every minute of your trip.
    Glad the No Jet Lag seemed to work - haha!!