Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last day in Taiwan

It's our last day here! I can hardly believe this week. This has been the most incredible experience. I never thought I would love Taiwan so much. The people we have met are helpful and kind and we have felt very safe here and have had very few problems getting around and communicating with people. Zachary slept great again last night (he loves to sleep!) but woke up very sad this morning. He cried quite a bit and it is a very sad, heartbreaking cry. He let me take him down to the lobby while Justin got ready and he was very happy when we stood by the window and watched everything going on outside.

Justin got Zac to eat some yogurt! We all celebrated that he ate something again! He did have some fun with his Cheerios at dinner last night. He wanted to eat them with a fork so he put the Cheerio on the prong of the fork and ate it that way. He is a fun little boy and very smart. The waitress told us he said "thank you" to her in Mandarin when she wiped up a spill at our table. She was very impressed that he thanked her (and we were too!)

You can see how much we adore him =)

Beautiful cherry blossom trees!

We headed to the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Absolutely stunning!

He's letting me hold him a little bit more. He even reached for me one time!

Daddy was awesome and hung out with Zachary while I shopped at the Handicraft Promotion Center for little gifts to take home. I had fun!! Justin said they did too and Zachary finally let Justin put him down so he got to run around a little bit!

Zac is now napping (he is a great napper - it's given me lots of time to blog!) and then we will head to Taipei 101. Then we pack and head home tomorrow! It is a 24 hour journey home so please continue to pray for us. Please know we could never express how thankful we are for your prayers and support!!!!


  1. Jaymi, have you seen this?

    We used the Spanish one when we took Jett home. I speak a little Spanish, but it was still very helpful - it gives everyday phrases that you'd use with a child.

    We will pray for safe and uneventful travels, and we continue to pray for this time of transitioning to one another.

    Heather, Joe, & family
    PS - Elisabeth is home with the flu and has been following Grace's journey. She has been so excited for her! :)

  2. love the little glimmers of hope you get each day!