Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happiness at Subway

This morning was our AIT appointment to get Zac's visa so when we got back he was so tired. He slept great but spent most of the morning crying so he was wiped and took a great nap. AIT went great - we were in and out in about an hour! On the way over it started to rain pretty hard and even though our hotel is only a few blocks away, we still got a little lost. Just when we were going the wrong way and praying for some help, here came this American man on a bike with a big colorful umbrella. He stopped and asked if we needed help and guess where he worked - yep, at AIT. He pointed us in the right direction and gave us his umbrella saying "Tell the guard to return this to Bob." Thanks Bob, you were an answer to prayer! I got a little emotional at AIT - it felt so "official" and this was the part that I was nervous about but they said all our paperwork was in good order!! Another cool thing is that I popped in a cd they gave us at St. Lucy's and it had almost 500 pictures of him on it from when he came to them on Nov. 3, 2009 to the day we picked him up! I cannot believe this amazing gift. There are 3 precious pictures of Zachary and his sister together. I can definitely see why they did a DNA test to find out if they were siblings - they look so much alike!

He wanted to do nothing but lay on our bed and would cry when we tried to move him. He would let Grace and Justin come close but still not me so I just stayed a few feet away but kept smiling at him (which made him cry every time!) Grace and I even danced a little - pretty sure he thinks we are weird! =) I was starting to get a little concerned that he wouldn't eat or drink anything. He had only one bottle since we picked him up and we tried to encourage him to drink and he would just look away. Grace and I did have a good laugh when he pulled his big blanket over his head and then drank some of his bottle underneath it so we "couldn't see". He is a stinker, I can tell - and he will fit right in with his stinker brother Asher! I'm gonna be in for it!

You might recognize this blankie! Joah has been attached to his blankie since birth and he had an extra one and wanted me to bring it for Zac. Zac LOVES it and keeps it with him always. Thank you Joah - you are such a great big brother!!!! And thank you to Matt, Andrew, and Julia for the very cool shirt he wore to his AIT appointment today!!

We decided to pick him up and head out rather than let him stay in bed all day (he was awake) so we went to Grace's favorite, Subway. He cried when we ordered and pulled his hat over his eyes when we tried to look at him (I have to say I love that). BUT...we sat down and started eating and Grace put some of her cookie and a few cheetos in front of him and all of the sudden he picked up some cookie and ate it!!!! We were so thrilled!!!

Cookie crumbs on his little lips! (This is where I must point out that he is ADORABLE!!!!)

And we made a nice big scene when he took a drink of his water too! Subway is the best!!

He loved playing with the straws! Cannot tell you how it felt to see him perk up and have some fun!

Totally different boy from this morning - he was being so silly. I can't wait to see more and more of his personality come out.

We walked over to a very nice park and he took Grace's hand to walk a little but then wanted Justin to hold him again. Sara - the baby carrier has been a lifesaver! Thank you!!

Got some giggles swinging!

And then guess what happened...he let me hold him!!!!!! Oh, it was so wonderful. He laid on my shoulder because he was getting tired again. I loved every moment. The mommy "bounce and rock" kicked in and I soaked in all 30 pounds of him, singing little songs in his ear. He still pulled his hat over his eyes when I tried to look at him but I am NOT complaining. So so thankful we are making progress. I can't believe this little face I have been looking at since April is now right here with us. It is no doubt a miracle orchestrated by a loving , good Father who binds up the brokenhearted and sets the lonely in families.


  1. aaaand, i just cried.
    i'm so excited for you guys.
    will continue praying.

  2. Justin & Jaymi - what a wonderful experience. I can tell how in love you all are with that sweet little boy! :)

  3. Love how you are seeing his personality come out and time in his mommy's arms ... precious! Praying for him to continue to feel secure in the arms of his forever family! What a gift ... all those pictures! Blessings

  4. Glad the carrier is coming in handy :) And most important -- you got to hold your boy!!!! Rejoicing with you!!!

  5. Oh, that photo of you holding him is my favorite! And I'm so glad your AIT appointment went well. You're almost home...I'm sure your other chidren can't wait to have their whole family together.


  6. so precious!!! and so happy that he let you hold him!!! we head out to taiwan tomorrow to meet our little guy!!