Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Official!

It's OFFICIAL!!!  We went to the courthouse today and appeared before the (very nice!) judge and promised to be Zachary's family forever.  His name is now officially changed to Zachary Dale Vandewater!  I LOVE how it is stated in the is now the same as if he was our "natural born" son.  It is the same, buddy.  You are our baby, sweet boy.
Joah having a little fun in the "hot seat"
Here we are with the judge and our social worker (Joah was having a "moment").
Kids outside the courthouse
We got them out of school so they could be with us - they were so excited and eagerly told the judge they loved having Zachary as their little brother.
Milkshakes to celebrate!!
He's officially a "Vandewater" and we LOVE it!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


October was birthday month at our house!  First up was Asher who turned 4!
Birthday pizza with Nana and Uncle Gabe
Next was Zac who turned 3!  It was so special to celebrate his birthday for the first time WITH him!!  He was most excited about his "choo choo" cake!
Zac LOVES cars, trucks, trains and tractors and Asher was more than happy to help him open us his birthday presents!
Cute sweatshirt from grandma!

Zac showing Nana the very special little photo books he got from his little sister for his birthday.  They are such a treasure because they have many pictures of he and his sister together when they were at the orphanage.  He is so proud of his "Mei Mei" ("little sister") and prays for her every day. 
Zac and I snuggling with the cute monkey Zac's sister sent with a hug for his birthday.  Thank you Mei Mei!  I love you!!
Last but not least it was daddy's birthday!

Now that Zac is an expert at birthdays, of course he had to help blow out the candle!