Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Months Home

It's been another fun month with the "Taiwan Tornado" (I stole that name by the way =).  Even looking back at this blog amazes me.  Zachary looks so sad and scared in those first pictures and now he is wrestling, running, giggling and eating right alongside everyone else.  He will not be left out of anything (I love it). 
I'm very excited to share that we have been in contact with Zachary's little sister's family!  I haven't asked permission from them to post any pictures of her yet but her mom sent me some pictures she took when they went to Taiwan this past December to bring her home.  They were able to spend some time with Zachary and take pictures and videos of he and his sister together!  They said he called her "Mei Mei" (little sister) and she called him "Ge Ge" (big brother).  This is the most amazing part...when I pulled up the pictures her mom took of them together I pointed to her and asked Zachary who it was and he looked for a couple of seconds and then said "Mei Mei!!"  He totally remembered her!!  It was a wonderful moment and a sad moment all at the same time.  I am so thankful Zac has a biological sister and that he had time to bond with her in the orphanage but I was surprised at how heartbroken I felt too because they are separated now.  He knows her, his eyes lit up when he saw her.  I am so thankful that "Mei Mei's" parents feel the same way we do and they want to stay in contact!  (On a sidenote, a lot of people have asked why Zac and his sister weren't placed together and it's because both of their adoptions were in process before they did the DNA test and found out they are siblings.)

We spent Easter weekend with Justin's side of the family and Zac got to meet his cousins!  There were 10 kids under the age of 10 running around!  I love this picture of of Benj, Zac, Asher and Sammy in the tub.

 Everyone's favorite thing is Grandpa's 4-wheeler and Zac would not be left behind!

 Exploring Grandma and Grandpa's yard

 Ok I'm a little proud of getting this shot of Joah and Max shooting a basket at the exact same time

He wasted no time

 Getting into Joah's stuff while he's at preschool (Zac adores Joah and copies everything he does)

Hottest March I can remember - we even got the sprinkler out!

Digging and collecting worms - the only thing they will all work together on without fighting!

Asher is very proud that it's his job to catch Zac at the end of the slide

A fun weekend with Sadler cousins!

I couldn't get a picture of Zac at the pool before this because he was a MANIAC and it took both Justin and I to make sure he didn't drown.  I quick snapped one when he needed a little breather with his blankie and pacifier (and daddy).  Then he was right back in there!

Joah and his sidekick

Everyone always asks how Zac is adjusting he is just doing amazing.  We prayed specifically for a seamless transition and for God to begin sewing him into our family even before we met and those prayers have been answered, all glory to God who loves this boy even more than we do.  I know those prayers came straight from the heart of the Father because other dear friends prayed for him and our family using those exact words we had been praying.  He knows us.  He knows you too.  Blessings...jaymi

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