Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Month with Zachary!

WOW!! One month ago today we got our sweet, spunky, snuggly little boy! I love this picture!

Things are going so well - it's nothing short of a miracle to see how beautifully Zac fits into our family. He has a joyful heart and we all adore him. He is saying "daddy", "mama", "Laineee", "JoJo", "Ashah", and "jay-jay" (which is big sister in Mandarin so Grace is still "jay-jay").

He gets extra silly right before bed =)

It's like he is going through the entire baby phase in a matter of weeks. No more letting mommy feed me - I can do it myself! He loves to eat and usually says, "more-more!"

The weather has been incredible here for the month of March. We have been outside a ton and Zac is loving it!

Are you following me mom?

Nana came to visit and got a little cuddle time with Zac. We are glad he is still wanting a bottle a couple of times a day - such a precious time to have with him.

Please pay no attention to the sleepy looking bedheaded momma...and take note of the absolute JOY Justin and I get to experience on Saturday mornings...I love it.

Checking out the piano - such a sweet face.

mommy's favorite time with Zac

I've had so many thoughts on what I want to share on this blog but today I am just so thankful and amazed that we have gotten to be with Zachary for a month. We have tried to slow life down as much as possible this past month and it was definitely the right thing to do. Zac needs to just be home with us as much as possible as he bonds with us and we are so thankful to see how comfortable and happy he is at home. He is still very nervous around new people and in new places but we can see that he is already becoming more comfortable at our church and with some of the people he has seen more than once. We are just taking it slow and it has been a good reminder to all of us - enjoying each other is so much better than running around like crazy people! The kids are not in any extra activities right now (except Grace's piano lessons) and they do not miss them at all. I often wonder if having a bigger family actually saves us money because having everyone in a bunch of extra activities is not an option! The family time has been wonderful and I love seeing how much my kids love just playing outside together, getting dirty, reading as a family before bed. They don't need anything fancy or expensive to be happy. I know eventually I will let Lainey take ballet again if she wants to and I know my little athlete Joah will be playing ball but I hope we always value our family time first. Just another way Zachary has blessed our family - there are already too many to count!


  1. I get some tears of joy seeing how blessed your family has been and how well zachary fits in :) God did lots of stitching!

  2. Oh Jaymi - how precious that you listened to the heart of God in His love for His children to hold one of His for awhile! I am so blessed to see how happy little "Z" is and how much Justin loves him! But I was thinking of the "adoption" story - how we are all "adopted" into the family of God when we accept the sacrifice of His own Son on our behalf - and even how Justin was adopted himself - because his Daddy was called home to Heaven when he was just one year old - and how God provided for him - and I think of you sharing your story last weekend of how your own Daddy impacted your life because you were so loved by him, even though he was called home to Heaven at a young age as well!! Wow - we've got some celebrating to do when we all get to Heaven, eh? Love you!! Mom V