Monday, April 25, 2011


Today was bittersweet. As I was pricing and organizing for our garage sale we got a call from our agency to tell us that the little boy we were hoping to adopt is going to be adopted by another family. We knew this was a possibility but when I heard them say he wasn't going to be ours I realized how much I had believed he would be. So I looked at his picture on our fridge and said good-bye with some tears, thankful for his precious role in this journey. He will always be a part of this story. We have trusted that this is all God's plan and not ours so we are still pressing on with adoption and are still very excited to see what God has in store! He knows our family and our hearts and tonight I just have to trust...


  1. I am sorry Jaymi. . .and also excited to see what God has planned

  2. The little boy in India who lured us into adoption (smile) was never meant to be ours either. But he was part of the story our Great Author wrote... which led us to Jett. :) I wholly understand the disappointed good-bye, Jaymi. And I'm eager to see just who the Lord has chosen your family for - we're keeping you all in prayer!