Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gotcha Love Day

It's hard to believe today is Zachary's "Gotcha Day" and that one year ago, on Valentine's Day, we met our sweet boy for the first time.  And yet, it seems strange to me that he hasn't always been with us because it sure feels like it.  I can't possibly express how crazy we are about this kid.  I stand in awe at how God has set this little one in our family and he soooo fits right in =).
 Feb 14, 2012 we saw Zachary for the first time at his orphanage.  He was so scared and upset, his nannies did their best to comfort and reassure him.  We had to keep our distance at first.
 Justin had to walk with him outside the orphanage to try to calm him down while I got all the info I needed inside.  We found out later that while Justin was sweating bullets with our terrified toddler and I was furiously writing down and videotaping everything the translator was telling me, Grace was hanging out with the nannies and holding babies in the nursery.  Happy girl.
 Saying one last good-bye to the ladies who loved him so much.
 Sad and scared...broke our hearts and yet we trusted he would feel safe soon. 

February 14, 2013
We celebrated both Valentine's Day and Gotcha Day first thing this morning at our favorite...The Original Pancake House.  The kids woke up this morning so excited that it was Zac's special day.  He was very confused and kept asking if it was his birthday!  Who ever heard of Gotcha Day anyway? =)

I am crazy in love with all 5 of my babies and their daddy.  It's been an awesome journey to Taiwan and back and I am so thankful for the way God's hand has been on this little boy's life.  We are so blessed to be his family.

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  1. Happy Gotcha Day! Made me laugh that he thought it was his birthday since you were celebrating him :) It seems to me like he's been with you forever also.