Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giving this a try

I think I will give this a try. It might be a great way for me to do a better job of keeping a journal for my family. I love being a mother and I have been more blessed than words can describe with four beautiful children. Pressing on my heart now is thoughts of adoption. We have so much love to give in this family and there are so many children who need a family to love them and teach them about the freedom we can have in knowing Christ!

Today is actually my 31st birthday. Grace is 7, Lainey is 5, Joah is 3 and Asher is 15 months. Justin and I have been married for 10 years! What a journey it has been. The most exciting part of the journey is the way God is growing our passion for Him. I will forever be thankful for a husband who delights in the Lord and His word. It makes all the difference in a family. I am learning so much about who He really is. I love to worship and am realizing more and more how much He wants us to walk with others in their journeys. I think about this life in a different way. It's about living for the Kingdom here on earth and not about the things of this world. My prayer is that our family will be set apart for His glory and that we will hold things loosely, knowing it all belongs to Him anyway.


  1. "My prayer is that... we will hold things loosely, knowing that it all belongs to Him anyway." Beautifully said, Jaymi. I look forward to keeping up with you via your new blog.


  2. I love the new blog. Good for you.
    Aunt Janna

  3. Happy Birthday Sweetness!
    Aunt Janna and Uncle Greg

  4. How fun! It will be exciting to keep up with you through this blog. You truly have a beatiful family and so much to thank Him for! The Colby's love you all very much. We look forward to the next post. Maybe you can talk Trish in to starting a blog as well!!! Happy birthday!

  5. Since we don't do facebook, we are so excited to follow the blog! Jaymi, sorry we missed your bday yesterday...we were on a jeep tour of Cozumel island soaking in the culture and sun! Hope you had a great birthday, we love you and your family! Haley & Bill